An Language School’s campuses are Ikebukuro campus, Narimasu Campus, Nerima Campus and Hikarigaoka Campus. All of them are located in the place which you can access train station within 3 minutes, so it is very convenient to access the center of Tokyo. As there are dormitories nearby schools, you can study calmly in the daily life and enjoy the center of Tokyo in the week-end. Good learning are made from good environment. We provides an environment where students comfortably study and live their life in Japan.

Course and Programs

  • 2 Years College Progress Course

  • 1 Year 9 Months College Progress Course

  • 1 Year 6 Months College Progress Course

  • 1 Year 3 Months College Progress Course

  • 2 Years Standard Japanese Course

  • 3 Months Short Course