Tokyo Galaxy Japanese Language School

Our school’s distinct feature is diversity. Because we prioritize our curriculum for the student’s purpose and diverse nationalities, our courses will help you with your specific needs such as going on to higher education, work, and cultural experience. Thus, Tokyo Galaxy Japanese Language School offers the best and efficient studying environment. Even for those who have graduated High School in Myanmar, which is a total of 11years education, by taking the College preparatory course designated by MEXT through Tokyo Galaxy Japanese Language School, you will be able to go on to higher education in Japan. For those who need to study Japanese before studying abroad, MOMIJI Japanese Language Center in Yangon will be the right place. If you wish to study at Tokyo Galaxy Japanese Language School, please apply and study at MOMIJI first. This will be your first step to study abroad in Japan.

Course and Programs

  • General Japanese Course(Tokyo)

  • College preparatory Course(Tokyo)

  • Galaxy Prep. Course for studying abroad at MOMIJI (Yangon)


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